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Title: Carpe Diem
Category: Gossip Girl
Pairing/Character(s): Carter/Blair
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Word Count: 956
Spoilers: Yes (Minor allusions to Hi, Society and The Age of Dissonance)
Summary: Courage often brings reward, and Carter stakes his bets with practiced ease and charm.

Notes: Can you tell I was feeling particularly poetic? For the lovely Bryana [ profile] morningslugger.

She inspires and uncovers within him the crudest, most base of philosophy. )
imp3ratrix: (Her eyes caught the melody and echoed it)

Title: Smiles from Madness Flow
Category: Gossip Girl
Pairing/Character(s): Tripp/Blair/Carter
Rating: R
Disclaimer: Gossip Girl and all immediate characters, themes and ideas are registered trademarks and belong to Cecily von Ziegesar, Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage. No profit is being accumulated from this writing piece.
Word Count: 3,117
Spoilers: Yes (The Grandfather)
Warnings: Language, mild angst, adult themes.
Summary: They are miserable, all right – and quite possibly mad – and fittingly enough, in each other’s company.

Notes: Meme fill. For [ profile] lokiyan .

Madness… )


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