May. 12th, 2011

imp3ratrix: (A rising world of waters dark and deep)

title: to an aspect of perdition, revolution
fandom: the vampire diaries
pairing/character(s): klaus/elena/elijah
rating: r
disclaimer: not mine
word count: 3,621
spoilers: yes
warnings: adult themes
summary: Deep down, she knows she can’t resist him forever.

notes: This fic. This fic. There is a bottle of Merlot next to me, half of it is gone. That’s what it took to finally get through the latter part of this debacle (I have no patience for smut, clearly). Add to that several re-watches of last week’s Vampire Diaries because seriously, KLAUS IS SUCH A CREEPER. I love it.

Written for [ profile] tvd_rareships’s Weekend Comment Fic Party. Prompt: using sex magic to break the moonstone curse by [ profile] sandrine. I hope the final product more than makes up for the wait.


Elena does not run. )


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